Harlingen, Convivial harbour town

The harbour town of Harlingen is a fun place to be, day in day out, throughout the seasons. Its stylish town centre comprises friendly little shops, splendid canals, countless monumental buildings and art galleries, and dozens of hotel and catering establishments with convivial terraces. Stroll from the harbour along Waddenpromenade, which offers views of the Wadden Sea and its passing ships and fishing boats, towards the sea dike and Harlinger beach. Or board the ferry in Harlingen for a delightful day blowing away the cobwebs on the islands of Terschelling or Vlieland.

Near Franeker

Harlingen is just a ten-minute drive from Franeker and is therefore also well within reach for cycling enthusiasts. Or you may prefer to board the train for an eight-minute journey to Harlinger Harbour.

Tips in Harlingen

Harlingen tourist info
Harlingen – Terschelling ferry
Harlingen – Vlieland ferry